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A Clear Structure/ Criteria/ Outline

marketing planning is the foundation for all marketing strategies as well as decisions. Concerns which include product lines, distribution channels, marketing Communications, and also pricing are commonly summarized in the Marketing Plan.

Marketing Plan | A Clear Structure | Criteria | Outline marketing plan Marketing Plan: A Clear Structure/ Criteria/ Outline Marketing Plan A Clear Structure Criteria Outline
Marketing Plan | A Clear Structure | Criteria | Outline

Marketing planning consists of developing pursuits in relation to marketing ambitions as well as the changing marketing environment.

Marketing planning is the foundation for all marketing strategies as well as decisions. Concerns which include product lines, distribution channels, marketing communications, and also pricing are commonly summarized in the marketing plan.

The Marketing Plan of Action

There are actually six stages to the marketing plan of action.

  1. Shape the goal.
  2. Determine a intended target time frame needed for attaining the over-all objective.
  3. Assign accountability to a eligible person .
  4. Clearly define the action methods.
  5. For every single action step, designate a target time frame. Include things like the Resources required for each action step, and maintain track of these items.
  6. Keep track of the outcomes, with regard to progress as well as for future apply.

Marketing Plan Structure/ Criteria/ Outline

I. Executive Summary

An advanced level synopsis of the particular marketing plan.

II. The Scenario

A highly accurate and short explanation of product or service to be commercialized and associated goals and objectives, that include sales and profits statistics along with strategic targets.

III.        Situation Analysis

business/Company Analysis

  • Key Goals
  • Core Focus
  • Organisational Culture
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • market share

Customer Analysis

  • Quantity of customers
  • Type of customers
  • Value drivers
  • Decision approach
  • Concentration of customer base for specific products and services

Competitor Analysis

  • Market position
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Market shares


  • Subsidiaries, joint venture and distributors

Business Environment

  • Micro-environmental (PESTLE) analysis

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis of the business environment is in many cases performed through the process of organizing the environmental variables as follows;

  • The organisation’s internal factors can be categorised as strengths and weaknesses.
  • The external Environmental Factors demonstrate opportunities and threats.

IV. Market segmentation

Supply an outline of the market segmentation as follows;

  • What they are looking for?
  • How they gain the benefit of product or service?
  • Support demands
  • How to reach them?
  • Price awareness

V. Alternative marketing approaches

Identify and discuss about the number of choices that were taken into consideration before getting to the suggested Strategy. Alternate options may include discontinuing a product, re-branding, positioning as a top rated or value product, and so forth.

accounting & finance


Human Resources




VI. Chosen marketing strategy

Focus on the key reason why the strategy had been chosen, subsequently the Marketing Mix (4P’s)) of product or service, price, place or distribution, and promotion.

Product/ Service

  • Brand new, modernized, innovative service
  • Position on life-cycle
    • Cash cow?
    •  Rising star?
    • Dog?
  • Problem child?
  • Added benefits to consumer
  • Considered value


  • To end user
  • To distributors (What margins do you make it possible for distributors?)
  • Market penetration
  • Market’s level of sensitivity to price variations
  • Advanced, skim, meet up with market prices, penetrate?


  • Are you going to sell direct or by using agencies, retailers, or any other intermediaries?
  • Geographic location
  • Direct sales
  • Telemarketing


  • Precisely what mix of media marketing are you going to apply?
  • Promoting and advertising (such as yellow pages, classified ads)
  • internet based
  • Public relations

VII.  Short and Long-term forecasts

The chosen strategy’s instant effects, anticipated long-term outcomes, and any specific activities required to accomplish them. This particular area may involve estimations of business earnings and costs in addition to the outcomes of a break-even analysis.

VIII.  Conclusion

Summarize the suggestions above.


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