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Key Concepts In Operations Management

Typically, the concept of a operations management has evolved originating from a broadening of the notion of production Management, which, as the title signifies, was seen as principally involved with the management of the transformation of raw materials into finished goods available for onward trade.

Since it grew to become recognizable that lots of the methods and techniques formulated in production were found to be suitably applicable for administration and then to the growing service sector, the term operations had been expanded to production operation, production and operations management, service operations and then finally operations management.

Operations Management is regarding how organisations develop or make available the products and services that accompanies the cause for their existence.

Operations can be found as one of many functions (e.g. HR, marketing, finance, production) inside the organisation.

The operations function can be explained as that part of the organisation dedicated to the production or delivery of products and services.

What this signifies is all organisations undertake operations activities because every single organisation produces goods and/or services.