This data  ( Highest Grossing Actors In Supporting Roles) is comprised of nearly all estimated earnings generated by the movies an actor or actress star has made an appearance in over their lifetime in a supporting role.

Rank Actor/Actress Movies Total Box Office (World-wide) Average
10 Andy Serkis 12 $8,307,029,118 $692,252,427

Andy Serkis has received an Empire Award, a National Board of Review Award, two Saturn Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his motion-capture acting.

The Highest Grossing Stars In Supporting Roles-
The Highest Grossing Stars In Supporting Roles- Andy Serkis

He earned a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of serial killer Ian Brady in the British television film Longford (2006) and was nominated for a BAFTA for his portrayal of new wave and punk rock musician Ian Dury in the biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2010).

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