Home Politics - India #SaveHindusFromJaganReddy Trending To The Top On Twitter- What’s The REASON?

#SaveHindusFromJaganReddy Trending To The Top On Twitter- What’s The REASON?

#SaveHindusFromJaganReddy Trending To The Top On Twitter- What’s The REASON?
#SaveHindusFromJaganReddy Trending To The Top On Twitter– What’s The REASON?

YSR Congress party chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on 17th November has been criticised by the nationalists, Hindus and other political rivalries including BJP and JanaSena on social media platform Twitter.

Netizens are using hashtag #SaveHindusFromJaganReddy and posting several Videos, images and writings against YS Jagan Reddy’s alleged actions on Hindu culture.

#SaveHindusFromJaganReddy Trending To The Top On Twitter
#SaveHindusFromJaganReddy Trending To The Top On Twitter

BJP party IT Cell developer Saurabh Khamar wrote on Twitter, “Stop Converting Andhra Pradesh to Christian Pradesh.”

He also posted a link of the article titled “Open letter to Jagan, administer state for all Andhra people.”

BJP Mumbai spokesperson Suresh Nakhua wrote, “forcefully pasting Jagan stickers on the Autos using Police personnel. Police employees are being misuses for party work.”

BJP Karnataka General Secretary Shobha Karandlaje wrote, “Another level of appeasement politcs by AP CM YS Jagan!! Temples are looted & given no protection where as Mosques & Churches are being funded by the govt!!”

BJP MLA From Telangana Raja Singh wrote, “Jagan is robbing Ram Ji to pay Robert and Rahim? Jagan has announced salary of Rs 5000 per month to pastors & Rs 10000 per month to Maulvi using public money & temple donations.”

ShivSena IT cell core committee member Ramesh Solanki wrote, “Enough of your appeasement YS Jagan.”

“Removal of Chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh because he was standing with Hindus and took a stand that non-Hindu employees will not work in a Hindu temple. Grossly misusing the public money for propogating religious activities!” Solanki wrote.

“Hindu Temple demolished in Guntur without notice while Church left as it. Why the temple was demolished? This shows their Anti-Hindu Mindset,” Solanki added.

Jagan Reddy’s recent decision on banning ‘Telugu Medium’ in government school has also opened doors for severe criticism.

JanaSena Party chief Pawan Kalyan on 10th November slammed the Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy led Andhra Pradesh government for ‘banning Telugu medium in government schools’.

Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter and wrote, “The recent decision of YCP led AP Govt’s policy of ‘Banning Telugu medium in Govt schools’ made me look at ‘telugu books’ in my library with a great admiration, love and care.”

He also wrote, “If the YCP leadership would have understood the true wealth of Telugu language, they wouldn’t have come with such preposterous policy of banning telugu medium in Govt schools.”

JanaSena President further wrote, “YCP leadership should take lessons from Telangana CM ‘Sri KCR’ how to safeguard language and culture. The following book was brought for ‘ Telugu mahasabhalu’ in 2017, Hyderabad.”

However, Andhra Pradesh cabinet reaffirmed the decision saying that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s decision on banning Telugu medium in Andhra Pradesh govt schools will not be changed.

Addressing a press conference on 12th November, Botsa Satyanarayana and Perni Nani said that the ‘Telugu medium’ will be replaced by ‘English medium’ in all the government schools from coming year and government will not step back on the decision.